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 Travel And Tourism



Generally, travel is said to a human movement from one place to a different thanks to work, to fulfill family/friends for a brief whereas or attention. Tourism, on the opposite hand, refers to the movement of a person for recreational functions. Folks visit all types of locations and places. However, commercial enterprise is principally restricted to locations with commercial enterprise potential, like national parks, monuments, museums, beach, big cities, etc.

 The commercial enterprise is that the business of providing infrastructures such as hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, museums, etc. and services security, transport to facilitate the visit of travelers and tourists. Folks pay capital throughout their travel and also the commercial enterprise trade makes certain that the traveler’s keep is comfy. During this manner, folks win their purpose and also the commercial enterprise trade gets the capital and stays in business.

Many a times, travel and commercial enterprise area unit used interchangeably. But there area unit some variations between the two commercial enterprises is additionally outlined as travel for a comparatively longer length.


The best thanks to considering the distinction between travel and commercial enterprise is one is a component of the opposite. However, this did don’t mean that they’re constant.

In short, the commercial enterprise may be a part of travel, however not all travel is the commercial enterprise. When an individual travels for commercial enterprise, he or she is traveling for leisure. This can entail a unique mentality. This suggests that the folks within the destination also will have a unique mentality. They’ll get wind of business and alternative industries to receive folks and exploit this. As an example, simply check up on a tour destination – costs area unit higher and amenities area unit catered for people’s convenience.

Travel on the opposite hand is broad. Folks will travel for several reasons. As an example, an individual will travel for business to a far-off region to begin a company. If he or she will that, there could be nothing there, definitely no industries for commercial enterprise. There area unit alternative reason why folks might travel – visit family, friends, funerals, weddings, and plenty of alternative reason. These reasons might don’t have anything to try and do with commercial enterprise.

About Rangamati

Rangamati is found within the metropolis Division. It’s sea-girt by the Tripura state of the Asian nation to the north. Bandarban District to the south, Mizoram State of Asian nation and the Chin State of Myanmar to the east. Khagrachari and metropolis Districts to the west. Rangamati is that the sole district in Bangladesh with international borders with 2 countries  Asian nation and Myanmar.

 Most beautiful Traveling place In Rangamati  

Rangamati Tourist Places are Kaptai Lake, Hanging Bridge, Sajek Valley, Chakma Rajbari, Buddhist Bihar at Rajban, Furaman Hill, Tribal Cultural Institute and Museum, Kaptai Lake. Hanging Bridge – This 335 feet long bridge across a portion of the Kaptai lake is an icon of Rangamati. Kaptai National Park, Chhit Murong Pagoda, Hydro Electric Power Plant, Peda Ting Ting, Shublong waterfall, Ancient Buddhist Bihari at village Khullangpara, Tuk Tuk Eco Village and more much.
Memorial Sculpture of the War of Liberation and for a lot of. The spot may be a traveler haven for the individual. It’s beneath the port division in Bangladesh. The place is principally famed for its social group textile “Thami”, handmade garments.

Travel Beautiful Hanging Bridge Rangamati 

Hanging Bridge- final is a part of Travel

In the final purpose of the Rangamati town, simply beside the flowing Karnaphuli stream. You’ll notice the “Tourist vacation advanced,” associate degree ancient infrastructure of 1986. Here lies the engaging “Porjoton tourist court,” that is exactly referred to as “The cervid Park” of Rangamati. Expansive water and also the series of blue mountains produce associate degree intrinsic atmosphere here. And one merely cannot take his or her eyes aloof from this aesthetic beauty.

The beauty and also the importance of Porjoton tourist court increase with the presence of the 335 feet heightened, lovely bridge. Popularly referred to as Rangamati Jhulonto Bridge. This bridge is that the landmark of Rangamati. That is established on Kaptai Lake, spreading over 680 kilometers of water was shaped by damming the Karnaphuli stream.

The Rangamati lake is processing between 2 hills, wherever the known Hanging Bridge is settled. Displaying the natural sceneries that square measure uncomprehensible if it remains unseen. When coming back to the current bridge, it’ll appear to you that the natural lake may be a connecting dot among all hills of Rangamati and you’ll become an area of this property. It’s one amongst the most effective tour spots of the Asian nation. Tourists can notice cottages to remain. The cervid Park to fancy the innate beauties, speedboats, and sampans to induce a stunning ride around the lake further because of the bridge.

Travel by Rajban Bihar Rangamati

ran ban bihar image is a pat of Travel


The most Venerable Sadhanananda Mahathera, jointly observed as Banabhante, was the last word Venerable and Ariya-person, similar to the brightest star at intervals the sky of the Rangamati district of People’s Republic of the Asian nation. In 1974, the Chakma royalty below the guidance of Rajmata Arati Roy and her son Barrister Devasish Roy (now, Circle Chief & Chakma King), invited Ven. Banabhante to return keep a copy to Rangamati for the larger universal welfare. Then Ven. Banabhante shifted to Rangamati in 1977 and stayed there permanently. once Banabhante in agreement to stay at Rangamati in 1974, many laymen and women came forward to form a Vihara for him and his disciples’ keep. The Rajbana Vihara had been established to the present stage once a number of years of sequent developments since 1974.

At a quiet nook, below the inexperienced grove, there stands the Rajbana Vihara advanced on thirty 3 acres of contoured land, embraced altogether the three sides, by the majestic Kaptai lake. A road running by the Gymnasium links the Rajbana Vihara with Rangamati-Chittagong road on the south. Another snaky road leading to Technical work Center links the Rajbana Vihara advanced on the west. A reminder of style is seen with the buildings at intervals the Rajbana Vihara advanced. the foremost Upasanalaya Vihara is made in tune with the Burmese style.

On its left, there is a one-room building named ‘Ven. Banabhante’s feeding house.’ about to its left, there stands the two-storied residence building that jointly accommodates the laptop house. Still on the north, keeping associate entrance gate in between, there is the two-storied building- the residence of Ven. Banabhante and conjointly the monks at his service. on the point of its left, an innovative residence for Ven. Banabhante has recently been created. Closed by is that the long shed for ‘chankaramana’  once utilized by Ven. Banabhante.

On the east of the foremost Upasanalaya, the opposite aspect of the sphere there stands the large ‘Deshanalaya’– the mass gathering hall meant for hearing belief discourse and jointly for holding mass prayers. on the point of the proper of the Upasanalaya, there is a little building that wears Thai field look; it homes the life-size-metallic image of Ven. Banabhante along with his belongings once utilized in earlier days. On its boundary railings are the photographs of monkeys at intervals the postures of (a) closing eyes by hands,  closing ears by hands, and (c) putt fingers across the lips–symbolizing the Buddha’s recommendation on being composed. before of this mini facility, are unbroken the two wheel-shaped stones, that were collected from Jurachari Upazila at the imperative of Ven. Banabhante in 1984.

Travel  Kaptai Lake, Rangamati

Kaptai final is a part of Travel


Kaptai Lake is that the largest non-natural lake in East Pakistan. It is settled within the Kaptai Upazila below Rangamati District of metropolis Division. The lake was created as a result of building the Kaptai Dam on the Karnaphuli watercourse, as a part of the Karnaphuli Hydro-electric project. The Kaptai Lake’s average depth is one hundred feet and most depth is 490 feet.


Construction of the reservoir for the hydroelectric plant began in 1956 by the govt of East Pakistan. As a result, 54,000 acres of farmland within the Rangamati District went below water and created the lake. The hydroelectric project was funded by u. s. The project was finished in 1962. International Engineering Company and Beehive State International opposition. received the contract for construction of the dam. The dam is 670.8 meters long, and 54.7 meters high. The dam contains a 745 feet long spill containing sixteen gates. Through the spill five,250,000 atomic number 29 ft/s  of water will pass.

The land that went below water as a result of the dam construction, was four-hundredth of the overall cultivable land within the space. at the side of that, twenty-nine sq. miles of the Government-owned forest, and 234 sq. miles of different forest land went below water. About 18,000 families with a complete of virtually one hundred thousand individuals were additionally displaced. The palace of the king of the Chakmas was additionally flooded and is currently below water.

Travel Shuvolong Waterfall, Rangamati

Shubolong is a part of Travel


The shuvolong body of water: nowadays I would like to share the most effective traveler spot in Rangamati district – Shuvolong Waterfall settled on Karnafhully watercourse and therefore the body of water primarily located within the Shuvolong village, that is why it’s known as Shuvolong body of water. The Shuvolong body of water relatively becomes most lovely within the season. the placement of the body of water isn’t secluded from the Rangamati city, it would take regarding 0.5 hours a lot of. On the thanks to Shuvolong body of water, you may have some chance of adventurer expertise which reinforces your journey a lot of superb.

There you’ll see fishermen fishing on the Karnafhully watercourse and craggy hills with the inexperienced forest around the watercourse. If you have got a hobby of fishing then I’d say this one is an ideal place for fishing. On the opposite hand, Karnafhully watercourse fish contains a fame in Bangladesh as a result of its toothsomeness among the individuals.

Let ME say “Two kills 2 birds with one stone” as a result of if you would like to travel to Rangamati by design any deeds of yours. Don’t miss getting to Shuvolong body of water. There are some special hotels in Rangamati that are inside cheap price and placed inside the city. And restaurants facilities are accessible there that are 100 percent halal. In Rangamati district Chakma community is at high range relatively remainder of others districts.

Travel Tribal Museum, Rangamati

Tribal Museum1 is a part of Travel


Located in Rangamati, the social group Cultural depository within the Hill Tracts of East Pakistan offers a fascinating insight into the history and cultural traditions, also as socio-economic aspects of the various tribes within the space.
guests will read displays of social group dress, ornaments, musical instruments, coins and handicrafts at the depository.

Paintings portraying the numerous aspects of social group life are on show, also as a group of statues made up of varied metals and wood. The urban center Hill Tracts in south-eastern East Pakistan is split into the Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban districts and is home to a variety of the country’s social group teams. together observed because the Jumma, these social group teams embrace the Marma, Tripura, Chakma, Tenchungya, Chak, Pankho, Mru, Bawm, Pankho, Murung, Lushai, Khumi and Khyang tribes.

Travel on Sajek Valley

Sajeck Vely final is a part of TravelSajek Valley is associate degree rising traveler spot in Bangladesh located among the hills of Kasalong varies of mountains in Sajek union, Baghaichhari Upazila in Rangamati District. The Valley is one,800 feet (550 m) higher than water level. Sajek Valley is thought because of the Queen of Hills & Roof of Rangamati.

The name of Sajek Valley came from Sajek watercourse that originates from Karnafuli watercourse. Sajek watercourse works as a border between Bangladesh and Bharat.
Sajek Valley is known for its natural beauty. The Valley is enclosed by mountains, dense forest, grasslands craggy tracks. several little rivers flow through the mountains among that Kachalong and March along are notable. On the thanks to Sajek Valley, one must cross the Mayni vary and Mayni watercourse. The road to Sajek has high picks and falls.

Sajek was unknown for a protracted time and it emerged as a traveler spot for its outstanding natural beauty. The place doesn’t have fashionable traveler facilities however tourists principally get pleasure from the character and culture of the place. although the Valley is in Rangamati however to tourists like the route from Kagrachari to Sajek Valley through Dighinala Bazaar, Bagaihat Bazaar, and March along Haat. Major transport is Chander Manihot utilissima that is sort of a simple machine car. Tourists may visit Sajek from Rangamati by engine vessel. It takes 5–6 hours therein route.

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